So I’ll be honest, when it comes to burgers I am not too picky. However, I have tried some burgers that just left me in awe and made me realize that not all burgers are created equally! Some are made with more love and you can taste them on your first bite.

I recently came across a Facebook post from a local El Pasoan who calls themself “EP Burger Snob.”

“Sharing my knowledge that true balance in life is a burger, in both hands. Always remember that your opinion is more important than mine,” reads the bio on EP Burger Snob's Facebook profile page.

The post in question listed what EP Burger Snob considered the top 5 burgers in El Paso, Texas.

5: PapaErics Burgers:

In fifth place on this list comes a local burger restaurant that takes pride in serving fresh, handcrafted burgers for its customers.

PapaErics Burgers has four El Paso locations:

  • 2301 N Zaragoza Rd
  • 2066 Wedgewood
  • 10100 N Loop
  • 2519 N Piedras

PapaErics Burgers promises that each burger is made to order and they guarantee a great and fresh experience for returning and new customers.

4: Frisco Burger:

Good ole Frisco Burger. Most El Pasoans are familiar with this family-owned business but in case you aren’t, Frisco Burger is a fast-food-style burger spot that also serves sandwiches, fried rice dishes, and more.

Right when you step into the restaurant you feel like you’ve entered the year 1950. Owners decorated the restaurant with ‘50s decor which adds to its laid-back vibe.

  • Location:
    3111 N Yarbrough 79925

3: Star Burgers & Fries

The number 3 spot goes to a local food truck that sets up shop all across town, Star Burgers and Fries.

According to their Facebook page, Star Burgers serves the best smash patty burgers and fries.

If you want to get your hands on these delicious burgers you gotta follow them on social media to stay updated on the locations they stop and hour information.

2: Chuco Burger:

I’ll be honest, I’ve never heard of this burger restaurant but after looking it up on Facebook and seeing some of the delicious burgers in photos, I may just have to head out soon!

From online photos, Chuco Burger gives off a true Chuco vibe with Dallas Cowboy decor and a sign that reminds customers that they only accept cash!

  • Location:
    1202 Lafayette

1: Rosco’s Burger Inn

At number one is a northeast El Paso classic.

Rosco’s burger is a name familiar to many people in the borderland but I must admit that I have never tried their burgers, but I have heard nothing but great things about their food so seeing them on this list’s number one spot makes sense.

  • Location:
    3829 Tompkins

El Taquero Comer Food Truck

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