We all remember hearing about the tragic news about the fallen Deputy Peter Herrera. It was March 24, 2019, when fallen Deputy Herrera pulled over a vehicle and was shot in the line of duty. After the news got out, it was a very sad day for El Paso and especially for Peter Herrera's family and friends.

Not a day goes by that the family and friends of Peter Herrera keep his memory alive. In fact, Peter Herrera's nephew Damian Herrera is challenging the public to honor his uncle in the first annual memorial run/walk 5K. Damian Herrera is welcoming the public to join him in honoring his late uncle by running a 5K for 10 days.

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The 5K already kicked off on March 15, but the online registration for the virtual run has been pushed to March 24. If you would like to show your support you can join Damian Herrera in his routes beginning at 6:15 pm. The 5K run for day 2 on March 16, was canceled due to the windy weather.

The EP Sheriff's Office Twitter page hasn't mentioned if they will make up for that day 2 after March 24. The memorial run/walk 5K that honors Peter Herrera will have a different location assigned for each day. If you would like to show your support and join you can see a list of dates and locations by clicking here. The video featured above was shared by the El Paso Sheriff's Office Twitter page that shows fallen Deputy Peter Herrera's nephew Damian Herrera leading the pack.

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