Here we go again.  After beating the Washington Redskins 24-23 in dramatic fashion yesterday, the Dallas Cowboys are in the same position that they've been in the last two years. All they have to do is win the final game of season and they're in the playoffs. Of course, as the Cowboys have shown us, that's always easier said than done.

So if you're a Dallas fan, do you want the Cowboys to win or lose?

I ask this because there have been reports that if the Cowboys don't make it into the playoffs, Jason Garret and his entire coaching staff will be let go. If they make it in, then more than likely Jerry Jones will only just get rid of their defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin. You can't have the worst defense in the NFL and expect to keep your job.

But once again, if Jason Garret stays the coach of the Cowboys expect the same thing that you've gotten from his team next year.  That means that they will lose games that they shouldn't and Tony Romo will take the blame like he always does.

If Garret is gone then that means that there'll be a new offense and defense for the Cowboys. Along with new players and a new attitude for the team. Oh but don't expect Romo to be gone, Jerry loves him too much.

So as you get ready for the Dallas Cowboys to play the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday to see who wins the NFC East, ask yourself if you really want to see this coaching staff back next year. Sure the Cowboys can win and who knows what can happen in the playoffs right?

Like I said before, here we go again.

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