It's nice to stretch my legs a bit after an all-night bus ride to Dallas as we get ready to bring you some Rhinos hockey for the first time this season. That said, after a few minutes staring at my mall food, I felt the need to contribute something rather than merely feeding at the trough of humanity here at the Grapevine Mills Mall.

Love me some haiku. Don't let the restrictions of five syllables-seven syllables-five syllables throw you -- you can say a lot with a little. Here are some random observations from the trip up and a mall lunch. Incidentally, the mall's ice rink is home to the Rhinos' opponents this weekend, the Dallas Ice Jets.

Does it say anything about me that two of these have to do with food?

night bus bathroom trip
climb, crawl, sway, bodies below
screw Cirque de Soleil!

toothpick food samples
in making choice, choice is made
i'm already full

a parade of twins!
six baby strollers for two!
glad to watch, not push

world-wide food court choice
just Asian behind counter
New World Food Order

this ice rink is cold
and it has metal bleachers
freezer-burnt rump roast

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