Skateboarder influencer shows up at Cielo Vista Mall and creates a 'mad rush' of fans prompting 911 calls of a rumored active shooter, triggering fear and evacuation.

El Paso Police are reporting "NO ACTIVE SHOOTER NO SHOTS FIRED" after false reports of a shooter at Cielo Vista Mall.

Earlier today, social media skateboarder influencer Danny Duncan and his entourage were spotted at Cielo Vista Mall, which sparked a rush of fans to swarm his location. As El Paso Police put it, the 'mad rush' created a rumor of an active shooter on-site, prompting the evacuation of the mall and dispatch of  EMS units and the fire department to the area.

Later, El Paso Police posted on Twitter:

El Paso Police ended up clearing the mall as a precaution but later reopened it after doing a full sweep. After the incident, Duncan tweeted out defending himself after people were blaming him for the chaos, saying:

FitFamElPaso also shared a video on Instagram of the chaos and crowd surrounding the influencer while at Cielo Vista Mall.

It also seems that Danny Duncan left the mall before being interviewed by El Paso Police, and per KVIA, Duncan’s management responded: “that Duncan and his entourage didn't stage a prank.”

The investigation continues, and there’s no word yet whether or not El Paso authorities plan to speak with Duncan himself.

Shame on whoever spread the false reports of a shooter today. El Pasoans are still trying to get over the August 3rd shooting at the Walmart near Cielo Vista Mall that triggering events like today are severely irresponsible and could have created a much more severe scenario. Thankfully no one was hurt, but it certainly scared many along the way.

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