El Paso is such a unique place in the world. We live in a city that not only sits on the border with Mexico, but we literally live across the street from Juarez. We have so many cultures and ethnicities represented here and we all pretty much manage to live with each other pretty peacefully and enjoy each other's cultures and traditions. One tradition that makes El Paso so unique is the Chicano culture.

Granted, we aren't the only city in the United States with a vibrant Chicano community but we are a city that embraces it where other cities might be a little hesitant about a culture that they don't know much about apart from the clothing and the cars. In El Paso you could walk into anyone's house party and meet family members who are part of the Chicano culture standing alongside their family members who are a little more "mainstream" and everyone is having a blast. That's what makes this video on FitFam so much fun. It is a celebration of the culture that we all know so well in El Paso.

The cute boy at the center of this video is Javien, and his mom had the video produced for his first birthday. She said she wanted to show her love and support for El Paso but she caught a lot of grief by people who were more concerned with the fact that there isn't a dad mentioned, or one commenter who said Javien is going to have "a future mustang L or el cometa fight video lol". It's pretty crazy that someone making a video celebrating a baby's birthday and our local culture gets the kind of crap that she did but there you have it. You know, sometimes a video is just a video, sheesh.

Of course there is more to Chicano culture other than the clothing and the cars. If you click here you can get a really interesting overview of the Chicano culture and the things that they believe in and the causes they have embraced throughout the years. I was impressed by the scope of causes that have been embraced by the Chicano culture and glad to see that it isn't just about the flash and dazzle. Glad to see that El Paso's culture and it's uniqueness is being celebrated, and Happy Birthday Javien!

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