There's something about the words "Club 101" that gets the older folks in El Paso talking.

Antoine Julien via Unsplash
Antoine Julien via Unsplash

I don't mean to say "older folks" in a bad way. Club 101 was a little before my time; the Club 101 that I know was on Airway (where I saw some pretty great bands). However, I'm told that I missed out on the best location, when it was downtown!

I hear it was legendary! Awhile back, I had written about a Reddit post asking about these three iconic clubs in El Paso, and of course, Club 101 was one of them.

The doors to Club 101 have opened and closed so much that I never thought I'd see the name again- but I was wrong.

According to Monika of our sister station Kiss-FM, Club 101 lives again thanks to owner Joe Dorgan. This time, it's located at 4151 N. Mesa, and although it's smaller, it looks as though it still lives up to the hype.

101 celebrated its grand opening this past weekend, and any El Pasoans are fondly remembering the days of the downtown location in the comments section.

Can’t wait to go check it out, great memories were made there and we are ready to make some new ones!

Another wrote:

Club 101 was such a iconic venue for local and national bands to rock out at!! We played there so many times and back then Local band lineups used to pack the place and locals had great opportunities to open for national acts to. I have so many amazing memories of that place. So glad it's back will be hitting this up for sure!!

One simply wrote the sentiment everyone is feeling:

Those were the days

101 is located at 4151 N. Mesa. You can find out more about them here. I look forward to checking it out and seeing if it lives up to everyone's fond memories!

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