A while back, I wrote an article on some San Antonio bars that are raising the age limit to serve patrons 25 and over, and one bar only serving 30 and over.

In the article I mentioned what I think would be a great bar:

A bar where they serve only 30 and up, where the music is nothing but 90's & early 2000's, and is at a reasonable level so I can still talk to my friends, and instead of people doing cocaine in the bathroom, they give out Tums so I don't get heartburn later. Also, they close at 9 that way I can be in bed early. Someone get to work on that bar!

Helena Lopes via Unsplash
Helena Lopes via Unsplash
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That would be an awesome bar to me mainly because there are some bars in El Paso that I won't go to anymore just because I feel like I'm too old to go to; it's full of young people and I feel like that creep that's trying too hard to stay young!

While I thought it was a pretty cool idea- I actually didn't think that El Paso would be cool with it. To my surprise, many seemed cool with it, check out some of the comments:

Do it..21 year olds don't know how to act when they drink..they too wild.

Not going to lie, I can no longer party like a 21 year old, or party with 21 year old's, again because I feel like a creeper who is trying to hard to stay young.

Fred Moon via Unsplash
Fred Moon via Unsplash

Another wrote:

A bar that plays 90-10s rock/metal, closes by 12, serves 30+ year olds, has back support for all seats, and has reasonable level of music playing so you can still have conversations.

There were several people who thought that the idea of a bar serving only 30 and over was a great idea. But of course, there were some that thought El Paso would never do this. But for the most part, mainly positive reactions. So, get to work on that bar for 30 and over, El Paso!

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