A paleta shot is one of my favorites to ask for on a night out. It's sweet, it's got just the right amount of alcohol to get the party started, and apparently, they're only an El Paso thing!

I never even questioned if paleta shots were known outside of the Sun City, I just blindly believed that if I went to a bar out of town bartenders would immediately know what it was. I would be wrong- according to this Tweet:

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The answer is yes and now. Apparently, elsewhere, paleta shots are called "Mexican candy shots"! I mean it kind of makes sense, the paleta shot mirrors what a paleta tastes like which is a Mexican candy.


However, I think we all know that in El Paso, we can turn anything into a paleta shot, it's not just limited to this flavor of candy!

But how did this party starter shot come to be only an El Paso thing?

And do other places get annoyed when you call them paleta shots and not Mexican candy shots?

I'm not entirely sure; but I did try to find out and all I came up with was this article from Texas Monthly. In it, they also acknowledge that the paleta shot is solely an El Paso specialty:

Nobody seems to know who made it first, but the shot is popular enough that countless establishments serve their own version.

Have you ever had an encounter outside of El Paso where the bartender didn't know what a paleta shot was? Let us know in our app chat! One thing is for sure now, I kind of want a paleta shot!

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