Instagram has a buttload of rules when it comes to nudity; and even if it is partial nude Instagram will either put a cover on it or just completely make you delete your post.

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It looks like one El Paso bar has found a way around those restrictions. For Mardi Gras this year, Timmy'z was the place to be at!

Where is Timmy'z?

Timmy'z at 1550 Lomaland had their Mardi Gras party and they were able to upload video and photos without getting banned and it's all because of strategically placed pasties and art!

This particular form of art is body painting and it takes a pretty skilled hand and artist to create this artwork. The canvas is simply a body- then you let creativity flow; and Timmy'z definitely took creative liberty.

Body painting can be used for different occasions and purposes; this kind of body painting is popular at festivals, and Playboy parties (I watched a lot of Girls Next Door!).

Body painting was the perfect choice for a Mardi Gras party, and the servers definitely looked like they were having fun.

On a night where sin is in, body painting and pasties definitely are a great way to entice patrons to the bar; I actually regret not adding Timmy'z to my list of bars with the hottest babes serving you. It actually makes you wonder what will Timmy'z come up with next? And what do they have planned for next Mardi Gras?

We'll have to pay Timmy'z a visit to see how else they can avoid Instagram's censorship and to see what their daily specials are!

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