I'm not much of a beer drinker so when I go out my usual go to is a cocktail. I've been stuck in a "Cape Cod" phase and have been wanting to try out new cocktails. Luckily for me, some bartenders in El Paso are helping me discover what my next cocktail will be!

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Over on Instagram, Proof & Press, a coffee and cocktail bar, and the Downtown bar/staple International both have their bartenders hard at work and showing off their skills!

Proof & Press, located at 3737 N. Mesa, offers "traditional coffee and bartending with a 21st century twist". And I can see why, just look at these two specialty cocktails, the "Drew Berry" and the "P&P"

The color alone looks amazing! Also, I do like anything tropical.

Despite me not being a beer drinker, this Kentucky Boiler definitely looks like something I would enjoy!

Proof & Press is doing a real good job at showcasing their specialty cocktails!

Even an Old Fashioned looks like it would make any happy hour a classy one.

Meanwhile, over at International, a three level bar rooftop in the heart of Downtown El Paso located at 114 E. Mills, they are also serving up an Old Fashioned that would make even Don Draper himself drop in for happy hour.

Some of their other specialty cocktails include this Locomotive inspired gradient drink:

And the Negroni, which they recently hosted a cocktail competition for during Negroni week.

As I transition out of my Cape Cod phase, I cannot wait to venture out and try some new cocktails!

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