You have to admit you've been to some sketchy bars around El Paso. But hey, you have to admit that sometimes it is those places you have the best times at. When you think sketchy bars there are a few places you can quickly think of.

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I am happy to report I haven't been to EVERY bar in El Paso. But I have been to my fair share of them over the years. Last year we all remember when Hotel Paso Del Norte spent a lot of time renovating in 2020.

Out of all the bars I have had a drink at were some bars that needed a major save. In fact, the ones I had visited that needed some work always had me thinking about the show Bar Rescue on the Paramount network.

If you've seen the show then you know just how scary Jon Taffer can get with some bar owners. But after all the yelling and remodeling every bar is up to par.

I remember seeing an Austin, Texas bar on Bar Rescue that had roaches roaming everywhere and I mean everywhere. One clip actually showed a small roach hanging around the liquor bottles. Below is a clip from the Bar Rescue show's YouTube channel that mentions the cockroach problem.

That footage was enough to keep me from visiting despite the dramatic change after when I first visited the party scene in Austin, Texas. Now when it comes to El Paso bars, there may be a place that comes to your mind that you think needs saving.

Many years ago there was this bar I would go to with friends and always hated using their restroom. For women, we had to struggle worrying if some drunk chick would barge in regardless of the weak lock barely holding the door shut at a bar I knew needed saving.

Now I had heard about some major changes that place has had but haven't paid a visit since their remodeling project finished. But there are other people who feel the same as me about other bars around El Paso.

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