"Does anyone remember the Pancho Neptune's disaster in 1983?"

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That's how one Reddit user begins their post. What followed is something I would have never believed happened here.

Reddit user @KarmaRanOverMyDogma posted this question:

Does anyone remember the Pancho Neptune's disaster in 1983? A fancy members only club opened with a star studded event in October 1983, but paychecks started bouncing by December and they shuttered in January. Vendors repo'd the furniture, booze and supplies.

As a lover of scandals, I, of course, was intrigued! Their post continued:

Does anyone remember this short-lived scandal? I don't know what made me think about this place, but back when I was 17 I was "hired" to be an outside sales rep to sell memberships to a private disco for $1000 each. I was so gullible. Who did I even know who had $1000? At least I got to go to the grand opening and see all the stars like John Stamos (General Hospital), Mary Frann (Newhart), Ana Alicia (Falcon Crest), Debra Maffett (Miss America). It was at the Zach White building on Mesa near downtown.

The party was amazing and I was invited to an after party at Ana Alicia's house. Very cool for a teenager with no parental supervision. But the whole thing seems super sketch and I never went back.

They also included a newspaper clipping that described this star studded event that included cast members from "General Hospital" and Martin Kove! You can check it out here.

So I began the search. I tried to find out more about this Pancho Neptune's and really found nothing! Actually, I did find this 1984 Texas Monthly magazine archive on Google. The full name was Pancho Neptune's El Privado and it was located at 1201 N. Mesa which is now home to El Paso Eye Surgeons.

Google Maps
Google Maps

The 1984 Texas Monthly article had a full review of the dinner served- which did not impress the critic.

But other than that, I found nothing. Do you remember Pancho Neptune's? I'm real invested in this now, and would love to hear if anyone has any stories and if there's any truth to the "Pancho Neptune's scandal of 1983".

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