Look, El Paso is not known for it's cold weather- in fact, it's the exact opposite, we're known for our warmer temperatures; we're the SUN CITY!

So when Winterfest's ice skating rink was unveiled many wondered, if El Paso temperatures can't maintain it, how will it function? Well, the answer is: SYNTHETIC ICE! That's right, the ice skating rink downtown is NOT a real ice skating rink- much like everything else in life, it's synthetic to make it appear real!

While I did actually go to this year's Winterfest unveiling, I didn't really notice that the ice at the rink was fake- or synthetic in this case. It looked pretty real to me, however, I'm assuming that it's not as smooth to skate on like it would be on regular ice, judging by the videos I've seen online.

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Well, one video of the synthetic ice rink has been making the rounds on TikTok and it has has thousands of views, and equally tons of comments just roasting the hell out of the poor synthetic ice rink!

The video has over 6,000 comments that poke fun at the rink, like:


At that point, you would just want to use roller skates, right? Also comments like this:

"lmao and I bet they charged 30 per adult and 29.99 for kids"

Actually, according to the Winterfest website, ice skating costs $8 for adults and children 5 and under are $5- so I guess it's not a bad deal?

As bad as the roasting is, I have to agree with one comment:

"I feel like most people are just there to take pictures for social media and not actually skate"

Yes! What do most people do at Winterfest? They take pictures! Do we actually care about ice skating at Winterfest? It's El Paso, it's going to be in the high 60's for Christmas, what did we expect?

If you want REAL ICE SKATING, then check out the El Paso Hockey Association at the  El Paso County Sierra Providence Events Center, home of the El Paso Rhinos, where their rink is used for "Holidays at the Ice Rink". You can get your Kristi Yamaguchi on and do some real ice skating for $15 (yes, it's pricier because it's ACTUAL ICE!). Do bundle up when you go, it's cold!

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