We all know that when you go to a birthday party, the candy bag at the end is probably the best part right? It's like a little treat for being a guest and everyone looks forward to it!

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The candy bag can be simple with simple candy, but in El Paso, we don't do basic; we go all out! TikTok user @lucascanelo proves that we go all out for parties as he shared the EPIC candy bag he and his wife made for their son.

Canelo does admit that he wishes this was something he had when he was younger, and I will also admit, this is the kind of party I would love to be invited to, check out what this epic candy bag will have!

Did you catch all that?!

Let's recap all the fun stuff party goers will find in this sweet treat bag:

  • FULL SIZE candy bars- already off to a great start
  • Pokémon slap bracelets
  • Pokémon Pez Dispensers
  • Light up Poké-balls
  • Pokémon temporary tattoos
  • Slime with extra Pokémon stickers
  • Sticky hands
  • Pokémon stamps
  • Pokémon cards
  • Pokémon crazy straws
  • Pokémon rings
  • Little laser lights
  • Pokémon themed cookies
  • Pokémon bath bombs

Okay, for me, those bath bombs would totally be worth it!

Candy bags are a great part of the birthday party, and I know for sure that all the kids are going to leave that party and remember how epic it was! Out of all the comments received on the TikTok, the main one was "can I get an invite"- and I don't disagree!

A very happy birthday to Canelo's son, who is turning five, and I cannot wait to see how/if they top their candy bag next year!

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