We all know that tacos are delicious, right? And fried tacos are just as tasty; sometimes a crunchy, deep fried taco just hits the spot! But now, a new viral food trend is bringing together tacos with another beloved favorite; smash burgers!

Loes Klinker via Unsplash
Loes Klinker via Unsplash

Smash burgers are just what it sounds like; a smashed patty in a bun. Usually because the patties are thin (but full of flavor!) more than one patty is utilized to create the ultimate smash burger!

Well, now TikTok food content creators have decided to bring the best of both worlds with these smash burger tacos, which look pretty easy to make! All you need to do is a tortilla, hamburger meat and your favorite burger toppings.

Check out an example below.

This one looks like it was made "Big Mac style". But really, you can top them with your favorite burger toppings.

They look simple to make, but will foodies in Texas think this is acceptable? I only ask because it wasn't too long ago that many of us learned that this is how some make their fried tacos; they just stick the raw beef directly on the tortilla and fry.

At the time, many folks were divided on the method she made her "west Texas tacos".

Now I'm only saying that it confused me because I had never seen it be done this way; the way I've done them, and the way my whole family has done it, is by cooking the beef first, you then add the cooked beef to the tortilla and then you finally fry it!

I guess I never thought you could just fry them all together. These smash burger tacos seem similar to those other tacos! Would you try to make them this way? How about the smash burger tacos?

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