El Paso should feel so proud of two manufacturers in the borderland. Luckily those two manufacturers had their hard work shown for all to see on national television.

The opening ceremony for the Tokyo Olympics was something you shouldn't have missed.

If you did miss the opening ceremony then you may want to go back and watch it. Simply to see the main reason why El Paso should feel proud for a couple of manufacturers. The USA team's opening outfits were actually made right here in El Paso, Texas.

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Border Apparel Laundry and Roicom were the teams behind the denim jeans the USA team sported for the Olympics opening night. But the cherry on the top is that Ralph Lauren was the one to introduce stylish denim jeans. The denim jeans scream team USA and you can agree if you've seen them.

Every label on the denim jeans has Team USA all over the pants from the waistband to metal buttons, pockets, and more. It is gnarly how El Paso, Texas was technically part of the Olympics opening ceremony. Team USA definitely rocked the denim jeans in Tokyo as they paraded around while holding our flag.

Just check out Andy Morgan reporting this special on the Olympic outfits on KTSM 9 News video. If you're a fan of Ralph Lauren, the Olympics, and love representing El Paso, you can rock those very same denim jeans.

You can shop from the USA collection by clicking here. I am so proud of how far my hometown has come especially getting recognized by Ralph Lauren.

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