All sorts of people have different reasons for why they enjoy checking out the night sky. Some of those people do it for the purpose of possibly catching something unusual as this El Pasoan did recently. When I came across Meandmycarrot's photograph on Reddit it had me intrigued.

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But no joke, my first glance of the strange formatted dotted lights reminded me of the cover art for Deftones album Ohms. But anyway that is beside the point. The sun began to go down and an El Pasoan caught an orbit of lights in the sky.

The Reddit user Meandmycarrot made sure to provide proof for a curious question to ask the public about. It was quite unusual to see circular lights floating in the sky in the shape of a tilted L. Some lights were aligned with what seems like a perfectly straight line.

It is mind-blowing to witness live events like that happening right before your eyes. Well, Meandmycarrot was lucky to catch some evidence of what other Eastsider's were also probably wondering about too. But what was neat was checking out other locals replying to the concerned resident with a carrot.

But according to Pixie6870 read about Elon Musk honoring Star Wars Day. Now we all know you cannot post a picture of unusual orbiting lights without having alien comments. But different people who are East and were also looking West noticed these lights too. It is nice to see a surprise in the sky like this from time to time. But place your two cents on what you believe those lights in the sky were in the poll below.

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