I know, we just barely cleared Thanksgiving but, c'mon, Christmas is a brief moment. Why not make the most of it?

Christmas has been in the air for awhile now, since freakin' August, but now we can officially get those decorations up, start planning holiday meals and buying presents.

As we start prepping for Christmas 2022 memories, here are a few of my own Christmas memories from here in El Paso.

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I always liked it when Scenic Drive would be lined with luminarias for the season, that looked so cool.  I also remember the days when the star on the mountain was ONLY lit during the Christmas season. (Did you know that back in the 60's, it also used to be lit for Easter? True story. It wasn't a star though, it was transformed into a cross.)

Another memory my aunts and uncles have told me about was Santa visiting Sunrise Center Mall in the Northeast. Sure, Santa visits a lot of malls but, in this case, he arrived in style. He was brought in by helicopter.

For fans of WKRP In Cincinnati, no ... to my knowledge ... El Paso radio stations have never arranged a Thanksgiving, helicopter turkey drop.

Another great memory is the over the top decorations in the East Ridge area, near Eastwood High School. That tradition continues to this day and peeps can walk or drive through the neighborhood.

Speaking of decorations, the most insanely decorated house in town, the Fred Loya house, has moved. For 2022, the display has been moved to Ascarate Park.


On the subject of home decorations, YOUR house decorations could win you $1,000.

Just a few memories that many El Pasoans share. There must be more and and the personal, family traditions probably number in the zillions.

In fact, that may become another article...

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