Here is Reason #1,486,523 that college football is the coolest game around. An unnamed Auburn fan was so enraptured by the missed field goal the Tigers' Chris Davis ran back 109 yards to win the Iron Bowl that he synchronized play-by-play man Rod Bramblett's call with his blue and orange Christmas lights!

Then it's synchronized to War Eagle, the Tigers' fight song!

Something tells me some Alabama fans in the neighborhood might decide to throw more than toilet paper at this guy's house.

Aside from the fact that the over-the-top alum is a known quantity among those who follow sports, what NFL fan could even pull this off? Not many NFL franchises even have fight songs, and of those that do...EVERY ONE OF THEIR SONGS IS LAME!

Lots of reasons to be proud to be an Auburn alum. Berth in the final BCS National Championship game, cool fight song and crazy fellow fans like this guy. War Damn Eagle.

Makes you wonder if Fred Loya would ever consider doing his light show to Miners Fight.

Nah, probably not.

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