Check out some of the most haunted and spine-tingling real-life haunted homes in El Paso and the surrounding area.

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It's Thursday, which means another edition of Haunted El Paso, where we share some of the most paranormal stories from the borderland.

Whether most know it or not, El Paso is pretty much all haunted - thanks to its historic past dating back to the 16th century - during the middle ages.

Some of these haunted hot spots include residential homes that are so haunted that realtors cannot sell them because activity ranges high on the paranormal spectrum.

San Elizario


Don't let the car, the door wreath, and the Jesus statue fool you - it's a ruse. This adobe home in San Elizario is so haunted that its resident ghost or ghosts perpetually haunt the premises scaring away any buyers.  Located a few steps away from the Old County Jail dating back to 1850 and the hanging tree where prisoners would hang for their crimes, this house has so much paranormal activity that it's sat vacant for years.

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Locals keep their distance after noticing lights flicker on and off, doors open and close, voices and shadows are heard and seen moving about the home. Other reports include feeling an ugly and terrifying darkness on the premises and seeing a shadow man in the field behind the house, only to disappear in the dark.

Sunset Heights


The Sunset Heights neighborhood has been the backdrop to many historical events, including the Mexican Revolution; therefore, it's no surprise that many homes in the area are haunted, including my own.

A friend of mine is currently living and helping to renovate an apartment complex across the street from the Holy Family Catholic Church off Missouri St. My friend tells me that he's come across a female ghost who roams the premises. While no one currently lives in the building but himself, he's constantly hearing something being dragged down the halls along with the occasional glimpse of the woman in white.

It turns out that a local doctor built the complex in 1910 as a brothel for his mistress. To get her off the streets, he had her run the place instead. After the doc's wife found out about his mistress, the wife ended up confronting and killing her in the bathroom, drowning her in the tub - the same cast iron tub that still sits in the bathroom today.

Supposedly the spirit of this woman haunts the upstairs of the building, where noises and growls are heard all the time, especially outside the door landing and the hall closet where it seems that items get rearranged all the time.

The House on Silver Street


Stories abound about the haunted home on the corner of Louisiana and Silver St. in Central El Paso. Unoccupied since the 70s, the brick house with a tower attached to the side is said to house multiple poltergeists. Over the years, neighbors have reported lights flickering on and off, hearing noises, and seeing shadows inside the home. They also shared that the home houses underground tunnels that Pancho Villa and his men once used during the Mexican Revolution.

I recently had a friend recount a story about her father getting trapped in the house with some friends during their teenage years.

According to my friend, her dad and his friends once broke into the home through a broken window, and as they explored the house, they soon found themselves separated, and doors began to close behind each one locking them in separate rooms. My friend's dad was so scared that he ended up jumping through a window to escape only to be almost smashed by a boulder that landed within inches of him near the basement doors outside.

To this day, her father remains rattled by that incident and refuses to talk about it, and will never pass by the street where this haunted home sits.

Tune in every Tuesday and Thursday leading up to Halloween as the online series Haunted El Paso brings you the most haunted locations and stories from El Paso and the surrounding area.

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