In honor of Cinco de Mayo, Cody Decker released his second installment of "Daddy's Drunk Movie Reviews." Cody's father Jay watched the 1986 comedy western "Three Amigos" while drinking a themed cocktail served up by bartender Chris Schaefer. Jay likes his alcoholic beverages spicy so Chris made him a triple-spiced margarita.

I had a few takeaways from this review. First, Jay's alcohol tolerance is growing. By the time he was served his sixth drink, he referred to himself as "El Jefe", a character in the movie portrayed by actor Tony Plana. By the time he was ready to give his final verdict of the film that he had not watched in 34 years, Jay was already up to his ninth margarita.

Unlike his debut review a few weeks back, Jay was able to stay awake and seemed to be enjoying the film much more than he did when he originally watched it 34 years ago. He also changed his original review of "Back to the Future", which sets a dangerous precedent for his upcoming film critiques. You can watch Daddy's Drunk Movie Review of "Three Amigos" below.

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