This all started a couple years ago, maybe more. It's tough to say exactly when because I feel like my life timeline has been altered because of COVID-19.

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We had Andy from the El Paso Chihuahuas on the show one day and Buzz started bragging about how fast he could throw a baseball. I don't even remember how we got on the topic, but Buzz was pretty adamant he could hit 80 mph.

We started to talk about getting out on the field to see just how fast he actually could throw a baseball. Nothing really came from it though. It was about a year later this topic got brought up when Cody Decker was on the show.

Buzz started to back off his claims of 80 mph and lowered the bar to 70 mph. He was still pretty adamant that he could hit 70 though. As time went on, Buzz started to realize that I wasn't going to let this drop and we were eventually going to find out just how hard he could throw.

It got to the point that he started to say he could his just 60 mph. Well, thanks to Cody Decker and The BASE here in El Paso, we were able to go find out. In this video you get to see just how fast Buzz throws the ball. This is at the beginning. The middle of the video is Buzz and I taking some soft toss with Cody, and then Buzz steps in against a live pitcher. The first pitch? Just watch...

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