Cody Decker has always surprised us on and off the field since 2014. Well, he's still at it doing amazing things and has been known for a lot of things.

Of course, you're bound to be called a Triple-A All-Star when you hit 15 home runs in one year.

Since Cody Decker retired from playing baseball doesn't mean he stopped his hardcore workouts. In fact, he deadlifted a new facility record just recently. So, first, he is a star on the field and has upgraded to making a new facility record.

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Cody Decker deadlifted 1,090 pounds in total that set a new facility record.

Just watching Decker lift over 1,000 pounds hurts some of our backs.

I wonder if he will using Tiger Balm later.

Anyone who deadlifts knows exactly how difficult it can be as it is but 1,000 pounds sounds killer. But playing baseball and deadlifting aren't the only things that Cody Decker can knock out of the park.

Remember years ago he was a guest sports anchor for KTSM News channel 9 back in 2014?

He rocked his verbal play-by-play and comedic commentary during his guest role on the news. Plus, thanks to El Paso Chihuahuas YouTube will show his acting skills above.

Cody Decker can lift, hit, and report like a professional which leaves us wondering what can't he do?

Now we just have to wait and see if anyone else can set a new deadlifting record and beat Cody's highest at the facility. Knowing Cody's luck he could be the one to beat his current highest deadlifting record eventually.

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