The Tony the Tiger Sun Bowl is on for this year and while fans all across the board are excited to have a game for New Year's eve, I'm more excited to see what great stories come from it!

Let's not deny it, games at the Sun Bowl usually create some of the best stories, and memes! Let's not forget "Tailgate Grandpa" from 2014's UTEP vs. Texas Tech game, or the infamous couple on the mountain from 2008, or the unfortunate Tacoma-mania scandal from just a couple of months ago.

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But not all stories are ratchet, maybe the ones above were not great examples! Some stories from the Sun Bowl are actually pretty cute and heart warming. I have friends who create beautiful memories with their families while attending the Tony the Tiger Sun Bowl.

Take for instance- this beautiful moment from the 2019 where someone in the crowd proposed to his sweetheart. The Tweet I saw this from came from a Barstool Sports writer, so I can't actually tell if he's being facetious or not with his caption:

The caption really good go either way- positive or negative. I'm thinking he meant it in a bad/lame way- like, who would EVER think of proposing at the Tony the Tiger Sun Bowl in El Paso of all places?

However, some fans came to the defense calling McGuire a hater and defending the couple:

"Imagine bagging on a special moment for two people."

I'm sure the Tony the Tiger Sun Bowl means a lot to the couple, I know plenty of people who consider this event a tradition and look forward to it all year long.

Maybe it's an El Paso thing and others just simply wouldn't understand.

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