Tons of people love to visit Scenic Drive to enjoy the scenic views of the city. There have been times some of us will visit Scenic Drive to gather thoughts or even read a book.

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Plus, locals aren't the only ones who will head to Scenic Drive for the scenic views. Even tourists who visit the borderland also make it a point to check out the spot they've seen or heard in Khalid's music videos.

Whether at night or during the day Scenic Drive is an amazing place to gather your thoughts. Plus, some people even enjoy eating their takeout food at that spot.

But El Pasoans aren't the only ones that enjoy stopping to admire the views at Scenic Drive. The animals in El Paso seem to also love the magnificent views Scenic Drive offers.

In fact, one day I was able to catch a furry little friend at the best spot along Scenic Drive. Just before you get to the middle mark of Scenic Drive there is this big rock that is a perfect place for squirrels to chill at.

Veronica G.
Veronica G.
Veronica G.
Veronica G.

I was surprised the squirrel managed to chill on the rock as I snapped a couple of photos. It was so awesome to see the squirrel standing on the peak of the rock soaking in the views.

Plus, deer occasionally like to get a peek of the city from Scenic Drive or the backyards of people living on the mountain. A couple of years ago I shared a story with you about a deer that visits an El Paso woman's home in Central El Paso.

It certainly is nice to see the animals in El Paso soaking in the scenic views at Scenic Drive. Although the squirrel blends in with the rock, you have to probably zoom in to spot it.

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