More and more movies are being filmed in New Mexico and big-name celebrities are heading to the Land of Enchantment. But this actor is the one I'd love to meet. Hollywood is embracing the Land of Enchantment and bringing more and more movie productions to the area.

Lots of Hollywood A-listers have been in the area including Mel Gibson, Bruce Willis, Ryan Phillipe, Kate Bosworth, and more while they're working on new films so the chances are pretty high you could see a movie star at the local Sprouts. But out of all the big names in town, there's one guy I would absolutely love to meet.

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You can most likely name at least one movie that the above actors have starred in, but there's one actor shooting in New Mexico that the one you've probably seen the most on-screen and didn't even realize. That actor is Noel Gugliemi.

Noel Gugliemi is arguably one of Hollywood's most recognizable faces, having roles in hundreds of films we all know and love. He's known as "the Mexican guy" in movies, but Gugliemi really is a fantastic actor with an inspiring rag to riches story. Gugliemi has been seen in the "Fast and Furious", "Training Day," "Bruce Almighty," "Purge Anarchy," "The Dark Knight Rises," "Fresh Off the Boat," "CSI Miami," "Bones," "The Walking Dead," and many more.

When Gugliemi was 13-years-old his father got a traveling job and took Gugliemi's mother with him. That left young Noel homeless and vulnerable to criminal activity, according to Ditch The Label.

Thankfully, he met a girl who took him with her to an acting class and he got a job for a commercial. From this one small job to a long-acting career was born. Guglimei himself has acknowledged the fact that he's known as "Hector," or the "Mexican guy" in movies but says he's much more than that. After learning of his inspiring upbringing and his philanthropic work to help at-risk youths, he seems like he would be a fascinating person to interview.

If anyone knows how to get ahold of Noel, let us know.


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