It's almost Father's Day, and you might be thinking to yourself, "Crap! I almost forgot! Dad never says anything!" And he doesn't. Mother's Day seems to be a noisier holiday for some reason, so sometimes Dad gets passed by. 

This year, don't grab a crappy tie or cheesy coffee cup on the way over to see him. Plan ahead a bit and have some fun with Dad this Father's Day. Maybe this list of things to do in El Paso will help you out! 

Cookout At Home

Grilling Chicken

It doesn't have to be his home, and you should keep him from doing all the work if it is at his house. Stop by a meat market and pick up some really nice steaks, some shrimp, veggies and all the fixings for a great grilling time! What Dad doesn't appreciate a great steak? Grab some beer, too, it is Father's Day, you know. Head over with his favorite grandchildren, the other ones, too, and light up that grill. Make sure he's got a nice seat in some shade, a cold adult beverage, and maybe a good view of the TV. 

Oh, and when you're done...make sure to clean up, so he's not scrubbing anything at 1 o'clock in the morning, grumbling. 


Simple Dinner and Drinks Out

Steak Dinner

So you're now thinking, "I can't cook to save my life, and I don't want to give dad food poisoning on Father's Day!" 

No problem. We have some of the best steakhouses around! There are many great places to take Dad where he can get a great meal, maybe a couple beers and relax with the family! Great American Land & Cattle, Edge of Texas, Cattleman's Steakhouse, just to name a few. 

In case he's not looking for a steak, there are tons of great alternatives, including every kind of Buffalo Wing place you can imagine, great Mexican food restaurants, seafood, Chinese, German and more! The point is to take him where HE wants to go! 


A Day Golfing

Golf Clubs-Post406

 With as many amazing golf courses around town, I'd be surprised if your Dad didn't play. There's a course near him, no matter what side of town he lives on. Painted Dunes, Ft. Bliss, Butterfield Trail, Santa Teresa, Ascarate and more! 

Dust off your clubs, spring for the cart and some beers, and reserve that tee time for his favorite golf course. It's fun, exercise, and the best part, it gets him out of the house and away from Mom for a little while! 

Who could ask for more than that?


Check out some New Toys


I don't know about you, but my Dad loves his toys. Anytime I see a cool new gadget, I'm pretty sure he'll love it, too! If your Dad is into working around the house, maybe a trip to Lowe's or Home Depot would be in order. Get him some cool new tools so he can put away that drill from 1975, and save himself some time and effort! Moms get mad when you buy them household appliances and stuff, but Dads love it! If your Dad is into computers and cameras like mine, you could run over to Best Buy and check out some cool stuff! Play with an iPad 2, or some new digital cameras for a little while and see what he gravitates to! Maybe he likes to work on old cars. You can help him find some parts he's been searching for, and then help (meaning watch) as he puts the finishing touches on his latest project!


Great River Raft Race

Home Made Raft

Here's something you can start working on right now! Get with Dad and build your own raft and compete in the Great River Raft Race on Father's Day! You'll get some time to spend with him over the next few weeks as you guys design and build your raft, and then the fun of competing with other Dads on Father's Day for cool prizes and trophies in the different race categories! If you don't feel like competing, you can bring your family and just enjoy the day on the Levee watching a bunch of people with their crazy rafts trying to float down the Rio Grande! There will be tons of entertainment right there, especially if the river is, shall we say, a little low on water?

Those are a few ideas we have for Father's Day, so hopefully that will help you plan something fun for your Dad! Already have plans? Let us know what kind of thing your family is doing, it could be something we drop everything and do, too!

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