It doesn't matter what you think, because this is the greatest tank that's ever been built, of ALL TIME! There's a new tank in the 1st Armored Division at Fort Bliss that's been giving a pretty awesome name if you're a fan of the WWE and wrestling. Or action movies packed with special effects and stunts. Lucky for me, I'm a fan of both. The 1st Armored Division put out a tweet yesterday letting the world know what an amazing job their soldiers did naming the new tank, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.

Don't think it's the best? Well, it doesn't matter what you think! So shut your mouth and know your role Jabroni, because this tank can whoop some candy asses. So just bring it. This is the People's Tank and it's the greatest thing since an egg white omelet. This tank is a Jabroni beating, pie eating, eyebrow-raising candy ass kicking machine!  Lucky for the 1st Squadron, 1st Cavalry Regiment this tank has finally come back home. All the tank is really missing it an impressively arched eyebrow somewhere in the front along with a Brahma bull.

Slow clap for the Blackhawk squadron for this naming choice. We all approve wholeheartedly.

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