I stumbled upon a video that has me feeling like I've been magically transported to an amusement ride, Soarin' high at Disneyland's California Adventure.

Except, this experience is only a video of flying over the city of El Paso.

When watching the video above, it is best to turn on some type of ceiling fan, or portable fan, at high speed to create a generic version of flying high.

For those who don't know what Soarin' is, it is a simulator ride located in Disney's Califonia adventure. If you ever get the chance to get on that ride, you will be lucky to experience flying in the sky while touring the world. It feels so amazing and that is one of my son's favorite rides inside California Adventure.

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For those who can't make it out to California Adventure because, you know, we are still in a pandemic, you can pretend in your living.

Luckily, a couple of local dudes were able to give you what the Soarin' experience is all about except it's only focusing on the Sun City.

Clint Chamales is the brave soul we can thank for this amazing aerial tour, as he captured a video of him soaring over El Paso during the day and night.

But this captivating tour Clint Chamales filmed wouldn't be possible without his pilot Scott Muirhead.

Clint Chamales seems to be a man of adventure, based on what you will notice on his YouTube channel. It is filled with adventurous escapades!

One of his many adventures included the El Paso Helicopter Tours and Flight Instruction that is actually better than the ride Soarin' at Disneyland's California Adventure.

I think this would be something cool to introduce to your small kids as a pretend amusement park dead center of the living room in your home.

Turn down all the lights, get the fans going while playing the tour of El Paso video, and lifting them as much and as many times in a laundry basket for the full effect.

Even if you don't set up a pretend flying zone just watching it on the couch or in bed is worth a watch. The tour of El Paso from up high in the sky is so lovely and is your friendly little reminder of how beautiful our city truly is day and night.

Plus, it's the kind of footage that will have you catching feelings for your city all over again.

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