So, there I was this morning. Doing what I always do.  I had just kissed my beautiful wife goodbye as she headed off to work and I was watching The Dan Patrick Show and The Herd while searching the net for sports stories and updates.

As I am watching, the bottom line scroll on ESPNEWS and it says that West Virginia is going to the Big 12 and.... Louisville Coach Rick Pitino "SAYS" that Louisville will remain in the Big East, according to Andy Katz.


When did Rick Pitino become the official spokes person of the University of Louisville??

Hey Rick... I have a great idea and maybe you should hear me out.

How about you worry less about that and more about this season.  How about you get out and recruit better and stop complaining about the "one and done" rule. Everyone else in college basketball seems to be doing fine with it and contending every year for a national championship.

How about you worry about having 12 of your first 13 games at home and having a record after that stretch of at least 12-1. Never mind there are more cupcakes in that first 13 than a bakery. How about you worry about what the Big East is right now and win the conference and conference tournament. How about you put up that stupid white suit and worry about beating Kentucky this year.

Never mind the fact that you said "My biggest mistake in basketball was leaving the University of Kentucky" while you are coach at the University of Louisville!

Never mind the fact that after you FAILED miserably in Boston and that you had more than enough money to sit a year out and allow Coach Crum to go out in style. No, you couldn't do that, could you?

Let me tell you this RICK, why don't you worry more about getting past the 2nd Round of the NCAA Tournament which you CAN control and less about conference realignment, which you CAN'T control.

I don't want to say this, but maybe MY biggest mistake was not hitting the EJECT button and finding a new team to follow in College Basketball(know this, it would NEVER be Kentucky) when they hired your sorry, pom puss, self centered butt!

Enjoy the weekend everyone...

Yes... I feel better.