The Olympics have ended and you already have some serious withdrawal. You’ve watched every event and had a great time cheering on your country. It’s totally unfair that you have to wait another four years for the summer Olympics.

Before you face facts and say goodbye to the 2012 Olympic Games once and for all, you should prepare yourself. Go to the store and buy yourself a bunch of tissues. Get ready to rent your favorite sports movies. Do whatever it takes to cope. We have some suggestions:

1. Create a replica of Gabby Douglas’ hair and wear it around the house.

2. Glue a poster of Michael Phelps to your boogie board.

3. Recreate the giant Voldemort from the opening ceremonies and leave it up until Halloween.

4. Force your children to compete in various Olympic events in your backyard.

6. Cook fish and chips for a month and season them with your tears.

7. Continue to call China a bunch of cheaters.

8. Put the Olympic theme on your iPod and blast it on a loop during your commute to work.

9. Do a victory lap with the American flag at your local high school’s track.

10. Cry yourself to sleep covered in your Missy Franklin sheets.

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