5 Great Athletes Who Spurned Chances to Play Other Sports
Deion Sanders, Bo Jackson, Brian Jordan, Danny Ainge and a select few others set a modern standard for their unique abilities to play two professional sports at their peaks. But it’s not so odd for a young phenom to make a choice when it comes to picking one sport over another.
University of Wisconsi…
10 Ridiculous Claims By Kim Jong Il That North Korea Actually Believes
Earlier this week, news broke that Korean dictator Kim Jong Il passed away due to a heart attack, and everyone besides North Korea pretty much rejoiced. Jong Il was a pretty cruel leader, but thanks to the insane propaganda that was spread around North Korea his people believed some crazy thing…
The Definitive List of Types of Farts
It will one day be acceptable to admit to the world that you enjoy your own farts. No longer will you have to hide the fact that you secretly smell, classify and rank the “air from under there.” The only thing you haven’t done is name them.

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