Another Fourth of July has come and gone, and, hopefully, that also means that the fireworks have stopped. Some of you guys like to continue the celebration into the fifth of July- but I digress.

While many of us enjoy the fireworks, our little furry friends aren't such big fans of them. We know this; every year we're told to prepare our pets for the holiday's the involve the fireworks, like Independence day or New Years Eve, and yet every year- El Paso's Animal Services gets busy the day after the festivities.

Animal Services sees an influx of lost pets, mostly dogs, the day after Independence day and every year, pet owners give them the same old lines as to why their doggo could have gotten out. Well, they are sick of them! Here are the top ten excuses Animal Services hears during Fourth of July that make them cringe!

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This post was actually a bit controversial and cause some discord in the comments sections. Most of it was blamed on Animal Services and the neighbors who popped fireworks.

Whoever you choose to blame, I'm sure we can all agree that El Paso needs to work on being better pet owners. Yes, a good amount of pet owners do the right thing and get their pet microchipped and keep tags on them, but for the rest, it's very important that you take these steps to ensure that if your pet ever does get out.

Also, if you find a lost pet, Animal Services reminds the community on what they can do to reunite the lost pet with their family, this includes getting them scanned for a microchip, file a found pet report, post them on social media (like FitFam) and hanging onto them for a day or two if you can rather than bringing them straight to the already full shelter.


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