Mike Tirico Talks NFL and Reflects on Broadcast Career
Longtime ESPN anchor and play by play voice Mike Tirico joined us on Sportstalk yesterday to discuss the NFL and his career. Tirico is now a part of the NBC Sports team and their Sunday night football coverage.
Tirico will replace Al Michaels for four games during the rest of the NFL season...
NBC Made a Video of Female Athletes in Slow-Motion [VIDEO]
The NBC Olympics website has been featuring videos called "Bodies in Motion". They're basically just montages of the athletes in slow-motion -- female athletes -- but the music they chose almost makes them feel like porn. Did we mention all the athletes are women? We did,…
NBC Addresses the Olympics Tape Delay Dilemma [Audio]
One of the big stories of the XXX Olympics has been NBC's decision to show marquee events on a tape delay in prime time. This is nothing new, but in the era of social media, people have a larger platform to express their frustration.
Frasier’s Celebrity Callers [Video]
Hey, remember the 90s?  It was a time where Bubba was getting it on with interns in the oval office, the internet was in its slow infancy, and nobody could touch NBC's prime time sitcoms.
After immense success on 'Cheers,' Kelsey Grammer was given a spinoff show for his character,…