Melo Drops F-Bomb On Mike Woodson [NSFW] [VIDEO]
Somebodies days are numbered with the Knicks now that Phil Jackson is in control and I am betting that it will be Mike Woodson to be fired before Melo is traded or released.
Last night, Melo started the revolt against Mike Woodson when during a timeout he said this...
Ten Things I Learned – Butler is Back!
It was a busy sports week, dominated by the third and fourth rounds of the NCAA Tournament. As usual, there were plenty of surprises:
1. Butler and VCU belong in the Final Four. The Cinderella Bulldogs and Rams put on another great show for the college basketball world...
Nets Finally Get Their Franchise
It didn't take the New Jersey Nets long to react to the Knicks getting Carmelo Anthony. This morning, the Nets finally found a team to take Derrick Favors, Devin Harris, and their first round draft picks.....the Utah Jazz!
Outshocking Sir Charles
It seems impossible these days to outshine former NBA great Charles Barkley on TNT's "Inside the NBA". But on rare occassions, it can happen. Comedian Tracy Morgan accomplished this feat last night with his crude remark about Sarah Palin.