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Hanks Ends The Football Season With a Big Team Victory
By Vianet Lopez
Sports Reporter, Hanks
The number when it stands alone is only a number. When it’s attached to rushing yards, then the number places senior Adonis Powell in the record books.
Powell, in his and the team’s final game of the season, rushed for 416 and accounted for seven…
Football Friday Nights- Week 4 Preview
It's hard to believe, but the 2011 high school season is nearly a month old.  I am incredibly excited for the game of the week.  For one week the 5A superpowers are taking a backseat to the two oldest schools in the city.  For the 80th time El Paso High and Austin will battle eac…
Eastwood Football Coach David Satcher Resigns
We are a just over a month away from the start of the high school football season, and the Eastwood Troopers will be looking for their third coach in three seasons.  Head coach David Satcher abruptly resigned Thursday morning after one season in El Paso.