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Football Friday Nights- Week 5 Preview
Coronado and Franklin battle every year for west side supremacy.  With all due respect to the up and coming Americas Trailblazers, the east side goes through Montwood and El Dorado.........for now.  Separated by less than four miles, this game has become a neighborhood rivalry.
Football Friday Nights- Week 4 Preview
It's hard to believe, but the 2011 high school season is nearly a month old.  I am incredibly excited for the game of the week.  For one week the 5A superpowers are taking a backseat to the two oldest schools in the city.  For the 80th time El Paso High and Austin will battle eac…
Andress Looks to Stop Burges Winning Streak
By Brian Ortiz
Sports Reporter, Andress Eagles
Andress ended their night in disappointment last friday as Chapin walked away the winner of the district 1-4A season opener.
"We were determined to win and we had a good chance but we did not perform," running back Rashad Chisholm said.