I realize most of you out there have already had your drafts but I still thought I would throw my two cents in.

With 5 Rookie QB's starting week 1 this year in the NFL (the most since the merger in 1970), be warned.

Try not to fall into the trap of thinking that these rookies are going to have a year like Cam Newton did last year and draft them first in your fantasy drafts.

If you chose to draft one of these rookies, make sure you take an established veteran first. This way you are sure to have points coming. If the rookie blows up and does well, now you have trade bait with the vet or a really solid back up if your rookie pick happens to go down due to injury.

Top 5 ranking of the rookie QB's


2. Andrew Luck

3. Russell Wilson

4. Brandon Weeden

5. Ryan Tannehill


I understand Andrew Luck was the No. 1 pick overall but I feel RGIII has more weapons at this time to work with. Russell Wilson is the major surprise in the pre season and sould put up quality numbers if he remains healthy. Weeden and Tannehill were a toss up at 4 and 5 neither will shine to bright due to the lack of help. Weeden has the better tools in the offense than Tannehill.

But hey, at least Tannehill has his wife!