There is a disturbing trend in this city I've noticed since moving back here nearly four years ago.  This trend has to do with the way people treat intersections.  More specifically, how drivers in this city approach making an unprotected left turn.

Most people are content to wait for the arrow that protects them as they make their left.  I learned quickly when I lived in Los Angeles that there are no green arrows.  To avoid waiting endlessly to make a left turn, drivers at the head of the left turn line creep out into the intersection.  When the light finally turns red, the three or four drivers in the intersection can make their left.

Here in El Paso, we have been spoiled by the green arrows that force the left turn line to keep moving.  However, some drivers are forced to wait an unnecessary cycle or two when those at the head of the line refuse to budge on an unprotected green light.

I emplore the drivers in El Paso to quit acting like sheep and creep out into the intersection as soon as the light turns green.  That will keep the line moving and everybody happy!