Back in the day, it was best to just put up a few fliers and maybe an ad in the paper if your dog went missing, but times have changed. People figured better ways of getting their cries of “lost dog” heard.

A young woman in San Diego lost her Chihuahua at her apartment complex recently and will do just about anything to get it back. So, she’s begun a “Fast and Freeze” crusade to have her dog returned to her.

Arlene Corona is refusing to eat and will do nothing but stand on a street corner in 40 degree temperatures wearing a bikini and holding up a sign with pictures of her beloved “Chipita.” She’s taking these desperate measures after posting fliers, calling pet shelters and employing the services of a pet psychic, all to no avail.

Corona said a maintenance worker saw a girl take the dog and she just wants him back. She’s offering a reward for the dog’s safe return. And if she’ll stand on a busy street in a bikini while it’s missing, imagine what she’ll do when the dog is home again.

OK, OK calm down with the “imagining” you pervs.

[Via BuzzFeed]