Panama City Beach, Florida always has high hopes for their Spring Break crowds, and this year, they are hoping that it will turn more than just a few overly-hormonal heads. People from the Guinness Book of World Records will be on the scantily clad beaches of this Spring Break mecca with their clickers in their hands (their “counting” clickers, sickos) to measure the world’s largest bikini parade.

Panama City Beach has their work cut out for them. The current record holder goes to the Surfers Paradise beach in Gold Coast, Australia who managed to organize a group of 357 barely-clothed beach bunnies to enter the record books. Australian officials have already vowed to re-break the record if America takes the lead. That’s it, we’re going to war with Australia.

All proceeds from the attempt will go towards Beach Care Services, a Florida non-profit that provides short term assistance to people in need.

If they really want to break a world record they should either measure air quality levels for the highest increase in airborne testosterone pheromones or possibly most swimsuit boners in a public place.

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