Unless you live somewhere in Nebraska, you very likely didn’t catch the latest (and maybe greatest) Super Bowl commercial last night.  Will Ferrell followed up his previous Old Milwaukee campaign with a new and hilarious local spot.

The 30-second advertisement features the comic actor — in a t-shirt and plaid shorts — walking slowly through a field of thigh-high brush towards the camera with trumpet fanfare blaring. He reaches the foreground and is thrown a can of the Wisconsin-based brew which he pops opens, holds up and… well you’ll see.

Excuse the poor quality, most of the videos have been pulled off YouTube, because HEAVEN FORBID people see an advertisement. Anyway, Ferrell previously did locally-filmed spots for Old Milwaukee that aired in Davenport, Iowa and Terre Haute, Indiana. He reportedly approached the beer’s parent company Pabst Brewing Company himself and is not getting paid for them.