One More Commercial
While the Super Bowl and most of the commercials were virtually unwatchable, folks in Savannah, Georgia were treated to a show by a local attorney's two-minute spot on their local station. Check it out and see if it would have cracked your top 10...
Is Volkswagen’s Super Bowl Ad Racist, Mon? [VIDEO/POLL]
We're not quite sure what Volkswagen is trying to tell us in this ad for the new Beetle that will run during the Super Bowl this Sunday. In it, white people speak like Jamaicans. Is the new Bug a happy-making machine? Is it haunted by Marley's Ghost? (Bob Marley, of course.) Or, does it have a secret compartment of pot that sparks up with the ignition and blows smoke through the vents? At any rate
Will Ferrell in the Best 2012 Super Bowl Ad You Didn’t See [VIDEO]
Unless you live somewhere in Nebraska, you very likely didn’t catch the latest (and maybe greatest) Super Bowl commercial last night.  Will Ferrell followed up his previous Old Milwaukee campaign with a new and hilarious local spot. The 30-second advertisement features the comic actor — in a t-shirt and plaid shorts — walking slowly through a field of thigh-high brush towards the camera with trump