El Paso being a desert city means some El Pasoans praise when we expect a little rain. But even then, sometimes a little rain can really do some damage. It's sad because not a lot of people get excited about the rain like some of us do.

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Instead of being happy about the rain, they worry about their belongings and home. Plus not only that but we also got to worry about the wild and wreckless drivers in rainy weather.

Some people in El Paso live in flood zones that don't handle the rain very well. Even with the slightest of rain, some areas tend to quickly flood faster than other areas.

For example, one neighborhood in the Northeast experienced 20-30 minutes of rain and it looked flooded. Now you can't help but imagine once the water finally clears how the roads will be. The commute was a bit rough for some El Paso drivers this morning, and I happened to be one of them.

People who live near or on the mountain probably stress about the road conditions after some rain. Especially the residents near Alabama Street with the construction that takes place occasionally near Independence Place Apartments.

The way North Mesa Street sometimes gets torn up so does Alabama Street. In fact, road crews are occasionally called to clean up the storm's aftermath on Alabama Street after a rainy day. North Mesa Street also has its fair share of bad road conditions after the rain sometimes.

Plus, it doesn't help when some El Paso drivers drive recklessly during or after a storm. Let me know what you think is worse between drivers in El Paso or the aftermath road conditions in the poll below.

Rainy Road Conditions

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