When it rains in El Paso we all know how bad it can really get sometimes. Although being a desert city we could use some heavy rain here and there.

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Except, the only con about a lot of rain in El Paso is the different areas that flood. All sorts of streets all over El Paso tend to flood leaving you to take an alternate route to be safe.

Now we have all grown up hearing how it is not good to play in the rain since we were children. It was either you would be struck by lightning or you can catch a cold from playing in the water.

But sometimes we can't help but make it a fun day when it is a rainy day in the borderland.

When El Paso had heavy rain previous times before I would spot kids playing outside in it.

There are some neighborhood streets that would be a ton of fun to float down on a rainy day.

Now it isn't the smart or safe thing to do but it sure looks like it would be a ton of fun.

I am not saying to try this at home but just imagining how fun it would be to do. After all, we have seen those hilarious memes about people in Texas heading to Whataburger on a float during a flood.

Veronica G.
Veronica G.

For example, this neighborhood street has just the right kind of stream to float down the street.

Clearly, some busy roads would not be ideal for floating on because of heavy traffic.

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