It's monsoon season in the Sun City. We don't get much rain year round, but when it's monsoon season- when it rains, it pours!

Now, El Paso sunsets are beautiful, there's no denying that, but when it rains in El Paso, it's just as beautiful.

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We all remember how last year's rains turned our normal beige mountains into a beautiful lush green valley.


People were obsessed with it, and here's hoping that this years rains do the same!

While we wait around for the rain to do its magic on our mountains, many of us enjoy just listening and watching the rain. It's beautiful!

Over on TikTok, Vanessa Mayne captured what a stormy day in El Paso looks like- and for a moment there, I almost didn't recognize it as El Paso! Check it out below:

Traveling East bound on I-10, Vanessa perfectly captured how beautiful the El Paso skies are when thunder and lightning light it up. And I'm not the only one who seemed to love it, the video has garnered over 72,000 likes!

I'm sure to many others around the country, a rainy day is nothing special, but here in the desert, it's a beautiful view- and we can't get enough of it, and we make sure to document it like this Reddit user who uploaded just a few pictures of a rainy day in the 915.

As we continue on through monsoon season in El Paso, send us your pictures of the rainy days on our App Chat!

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