2020 is finally coming to an end. For many, and especially at my house, that meant one thing: party! However, because of the ongoing pandemic, and the curfew implemented in El Paso that begins on Dec. 30 and runs until Jan. 4th, our regular new year's eve party will be cancelled this year. (Side note: Don't forget that curfew!)

I love new year's eve. Christmas is alright and whatnot, but new year's eve, that's my jam. We always have a party. Even if it doesn't start out as a party, it ends up as a party! Every year it's the same, we try to have a low-key evening and we end up ringing in the new year with a full house. It's my favorite thing and I'll surely be missing it this year.

What I'll be missing the most, is that moment when counting down the final seconds of the old year and looking around and seeing all the people in my life who care enough to start off the new year by my side- this year it'll mean more to me if they don't come over. Every year, though, we do make it a point to perform some rituals that we hope will help us in the new year. These superstitions are fun to do even without a huge party! You may have heard of these, you may do some of them in your house too, and if you haven't, allow me to share, and maybe if you're intrigued, try them out for yourself to ring in 2021.

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