2021 is coming to an end (finally!) and I know that I cannot be the only looking back at the year and thinking to myself: what the hell was that?! 

Many like to ring in the new year with some very popular traditions like eating 12 grapes at midnight, wearing red underwear for love or white underwear for peace. But I think this year, what we all really need is a good limpia!

A limpia, if you're unaware, is a spiritual cleansing ritual. Often used with an egg, or also sage, it helps to clear out negativity and give you peace of mind; others also believe it helps get rid of witchcraft done on someone like curses or hexes! I'm sure many of us have had an abuelita that once busted out an egg on a baby to rid them of "ojo".

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Even if you don't believe in this superstition, like I really don't, it really can't hurt! Considering the type of year I had, I will try anything to not have a repeat of this year! It's been a dumpster fire of a year for many, a little sage won't hurt anyone!

So Bust out your eggs, your sage and whatever you need because not only do you need a limpia, but so does your entire house! There are different types of limpias and different tools needed for each one, I know here in El Paso there are plenty of people who can perform a limpia on you, but you could also do it yourself! Here are five different ones to try and see which one is right for you!

5 Limpias to Get Your Life Together in 2022

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