Martin House is a Texas brewery known for coming up with some wild craft beers but this one we are dying to try for ourselves. The Martin House Brewing Company in Fort Worth is known for creating some out of this world brews. The company has their staples you can purchase year-round, like The Salty Lady, True Love, Friday IPA, and more, but the most popular by far is the Best Maid sour pickle beer. Fans scramble to purchase the brew and rave about the taste. But in case you weren't familiar, Martin House also come out with some pretty wild limited edition craft beers.

The most recent wacky creations? The Sour Patch Kids, a sour beer infused with sour patch kids, the Kookie Monster, a whiskey-barrel aged imperial stout with thin mint cookies, plus the Fiery Crunchy Cheesie Bois, which is a sour beer brewed with Flamin' Hot Cheetos. So it's safe to say the brewmasters at Martin House just throw ideas against the wall to see what will taste good. Which isn't the worst idea in the world. Some of these insane concepts not only taste delicious, but they also make some serious headlines. Like their newest creation- the Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit Beer. Don't worry, the brewmaster didn't toss in a coupe chicken tenders into the brew, instead, the beer is made with the signature Whataburger Honey Butter. If you've never enjoyed this luscious liquid, run down to your nearest Whataburger and give it a try. I now find myself slathering that stuff on everything.

If you were hoping to try out this new brew, sadly, you can't go to your nearest craft beer emporium and buy the entire stock. That's because the only stock made is at Martin House. The company is trying to get Whataburger to sign off on them making the beer for wider distribution. Until then, we can only fantasize about how scrumptious this beer must taste.

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